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Working from home is more important than ever. Got a broken computer? Give us a call now!

24 Hour Service

We’re open 24/7/365! Contact us for an emergency after hours solution. We are ready 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! We can provide help any time of the day or night, any place in Shorts Corner.

Low Price Guarantee

How do you know you’re always getting the right rate for your repair services? Simply because Computer Repair Pros of Shorts Corner, Texas features a Low Price Guarantee on all local competitors’ typical advertised pricing.


Each of the parts and work that we deliver are insured by a guarantee. In case your serviced device is experiencing problems following a repair, please call Computer Repair Pros of Shorts Corner right away for warranty diagnostics.

We are Here for You

You, the customer, are the most important component of our business at Computer Repair Pros of Shorts Corner, Texas. Rest assured your satisfaction is our main priority

Premium Computer Repair Services

Blank Laptop Computer ScreenIf you’re unhappy because of a shattered display screen, call Computer Repair Pros of Shorts Corner for an experienced laptop repair. We’re going to treat your laptop or computer like it’s our very own as we delicately repair or replace your display screen.

There’s a vast number of computer products available in today’s tech based society, and Computer Repair Pros of Shorts Corner is happy to offer Cheap Computer Repair Shorts Corner to pretty much all brands! Whether you prefer your Dell laptop, or sport the latest Chromebook, our repair techs possess the expertise to help you with all kinds of computer services. With a bit of luck and loads of knowledge, skill, and experience – we must have your computer or laptop back running again in no time.

Couple of things are as worrying as opening up your computer or laptop to find a black, unresponsive computer screen. On the other hand, with Computer Repair Pros in your corner, you can be sure that your troubles are going to be solved quickly. Our techs will drop by you at your home to evaluate, troubleshoot, and identify your problem before presenting effective services. From laptop or computer repair to spyware and virus removal, and much more, we offer all of the options you will need in order to keep your pc or Apple computer running smoothly.

Computer systems are very important to have a connected modern life. Whether you need your personal computer primarily for gaming, or getting your work completed, a broken laptop or computer is problematic. To find a speedy, dependable and cost-effective repair, call the Computer Repair Pros of Shorts Corner, TX on (210) 610-2315. Our repair techs have got not just the skills, but also the experience required for premium computer repair services. Have no idea of what’s wrong with your laptop or computer? Not an issue: unlike numerous repair providers in Shorts Corner, Texas, our diagnostic check-ups are constantly fast and precise.

Computer Repair Pros of Shorts Corner and our squad of techs are the best one-stop shop for a laptop repair in Shorts Corner, Texas hands down. Slow overall performance? We can improve that. Broken display screen? Done that. Discovered and eliminated some spyware? We could go over virus removal all day. Our veteran repair techs are going to be happy to examine and fix all problems your laptop is going through, whether it’s an older MacBook or a brand new Dell. Set an appointment right now for a free diagnostic exam!

Are you currently having difficulty with a faulty pc, panicking and looking for ‘laptop repair near me’ or ‘laptop repair in Shorts Corner?’ Take a second and breathe… Then contact Computer Repair Pros of Shorts Corner, Texas on (210) 610-2315. Our laptop techs will certainly soothe your thoughts with a cost-free diagnostic exam and reliable repair service. No matter what model of laptop you’re using, a MacBook Pro or an Intel hard drive, the veteran technicians of Computer Repair Pros of Shorts Corner are available to fix any laptop or personal computer problems!

Got a virus on your desktop or laptop? Do not feel bad. Just call the pros at Computer Repair Pros of Shorts Corner the instant you believe you may have a virus. Our skilled techs have efficiently taken out even the most persistent spyware and viruses from laptops or computers!

The technicians at Computer Repair Pros of Shorts Corner aren’t going to ask if it was an innocent spill or the end result of a rage quit, but they will be equipped to evaluate the magnitude of liquid damage to your laptop or computer. The seasoned and skilled repair techs of Computer Repair Pros of Shorts Corner have been well-trained to repair issues brought on by liquid damage in both laptops and computers.

You may not have ever observed your hard drive before, but you will after it begins making unusual noises and stops your laptop or computer from booting. Once you believe your hard drive has failed, contact the professional repair techs at Computer Repair Pros of Shorts Corner. Our skilled group of techs can help fix it, and potentially recover lost data.

If your laptop or computer is slow to start-up or boot – it’s time to contact Computer Repair Pros of Shorts Corner for repairs! Our professional repair techs can help find out what’s got your personal computer refusing to work, and have it fixed into condition.

Brands We Work on

If your laptop or computer manufacturer isn’t listed. Don’t worry! We are able to fix all brands!

Having viruses on your precious Acer computer? Have it expertly taken care of at Computer Repair Pros of Shorts Corner! Our highly skilled repair techs have the tools needed to provide you with high-quality Acer repair solutions, which include malware removal. The staff at Computer Repair Pros of Shorts Corner has efficiently repaired countless Acer laptops and computers!

Being an certified company, we start the procedure by using Apple’s in house diagnostics tool to accurately know the issues with your system. After we have finished the repair, we run Apple diagnostics once more to make sure the problem is fixed.

If your Asus laptop or computer need to have a repair, call the professionals at Computer Repair Pros of Shorts Corner! Our repair experts can take care of any problems your Asus could possibly be experiencing, whether it’s hardware or performance related. The technicians at Computer Repair Pros work effectively to provide great results in a short time span.

Have a Dell laptop or computer suddenly experiencing screen burns, or just won’t boot? Call our warm and friendly professionals at Computer Repair Pros of Shorts Corner! Our Dell laptop or pc repair solutions are carried out by our qualified and experienced technicians, who are experts with regards to diagnosing and fixing all kinds of issues.

Gateway computers and laptops may not be common, but they’ve got their fair share of common problems, such as black display screens and startup problems. When you require repairs done for your Gateway laptop or desktop, call the pros at Computer Repair Pros of Shorts Corner! Our warm and friendly repair technicians in Shorts Corner will be able to assess and restore your personal computer’s problems without any difficulty.

If your Hewlett Packard computer is affected by a faulty computer keyboard or cracked screen, get it repaired at Computer Repair Pros of Shorts Corner! Our knowledgeable techs devote their time to fixing broken Hewlett Packard computers and laptops back to their former glory. With excellent quality replacement parts and effective repair strategies, Computer Repair Pros of Shorts Corner is the place to be for thorough Hewlett Packard computer services!

Does your Lenovo computer screen appear as if it’s stepped on? Have the professionals at Computer Repair Pros of Shorts Corner bring it back to normal! Our skilled professionals are well-trained to remove and replace Lenovo screens and battery packs rapidly and seamlessly. Believe it or not, our repair technicians are capable of handling all kinds of Lenovo problems, which range all the way from start up loops to white screens. Regardless of the problem, let the friendly repair technicians of Computer Repair Pros of Shorts Corner solve it!

Are you presently experiencing dead pixels or network problems with your Samsung laptop or computer? Have the industry experts at Computer Repair Pros of Shorts Corner look after it. Our Samsung computer professionals are both skilled and highly reliable, so you can trust them to fix all types of Samsung PC issues immediately.

If your Sony Vaio laptop or computer has a screen that is cracked, or just won’t switch on, call the professionals at Computer Repair Pros of Shorts Corner for repairs! Our experienced repair techs have dealt with hundreds of Sony Vaio computers and laptops, and properly fixed problems like broken screens, start up loops, and spyware and adware. No matter what is negatively effecting your Sony Vaio, the technicians at Computer Repair Pros of Shorts Corner possess the remedy!

Fed up of taking a look at your Toshiba’s broken display? Come get it replaced instead by the professionals at Computer Repair Pros of Shorts Corner! Our experienced repair techs have the ability to take care of even the most difficult computer mishaps effortlessly. If your Toshiba needs a brand new battery pack or screen, ask about our 24 hour repairs!

Diagnostic Testing

Not quite positive exactly what is wrong with your computer, only know it isn't functioning like it used to?

Our Shorts Corner professionals can know what is wrong with your computer system so as to present you with a detailed quote of the work needed to repair it.

Why Choose Computer Repair Pros?

Best Local Computer Repair Business in Shorts Corner, TX

Our Computer Repair Pros of Shorts Corner staff features highly trained and qualified techs. Their experience allows them to locate and deal with all machine related problems swiftly. With Computer Repair Pros of Shorts Corner being labeled by Google and Samsung as an certified partner, that indicates the level of assistance you should expect from our personnel. Our company is here for you, the customer, and are also here to lower your stress and anxiety coming from a faulty computer or laptop. Our Shorts Corner, TX teams are always happy to meet you. They look ahead to aiding you find the correct option that will address your laptop or computer issues.

Blank Laptop Computer ScreenAs a laptop or computer user, you may have trouble with a slow laptop or computer. You possibly also have very limited time to locate a Shorts Corner computer company, load up your gear, and head over to their store. Fortunately, Computer Repair Pros of Shorts Corner eliminates these issues and much more! We are available and happy to offer laptop or computer support that comes to your home to keep your machines up and running.

Whenever a computer virus hits your laptop or computer or it suddenly stops operating, the stress of even a quiet day could be devastating. Important data files, organization projects, and personal info can all be lost or stolen in minutes. Computer Repair Pros of Shorts Corner, Texas understands that the way in which this situation is handled can mean total recovery or complete loss. In Shorts Corner, Computer Repair Pros is extremely pleased to promote our computer services and virus removal solutions to people who are going through computer problems. Our certified techs in Shorts Corner offer fast repairs to our clients as we know that your schedule is as occupied as ours is. We use only quality proven replacement parts, and our company offers the market’s most trusted guarantee on all of our services. You can call (210) 610-2315 ahead and book an appointment and we’re available to give the most comprehensive and efficient Mac and PC repair and computer virus removal.

Don’t fret about how you’re going to solve a computer problem you might have in Shorts Corner. Whatever the case whether it’s your computer or laptop, just give us a call and we will repair it for you. Get up to date with all of our latest promos and service deals on our Facebook page. We are also writing high quality content that are certain to allow you to know some of the technical things a lot easier.

At Computer Repair Pros of Shorts Corner, we’re happy to provide a thorough selection of solutions that target a wide range of tech needs. From implementing cyber security strategies to the installation of brand new systems, our professional staff is available to assist you improve your home computing system.

MacBooks are costly, and when they get liquid damaged, it is dreadful. On the other hand, at Computer Repair Pros in Shorts Corner, we take care of liquid damaged MacBooks and promise the least expensive cost on your repair. If, however, you see another local store saying they’ve got the lowest price, give that estimate to us. We are going to match their cost then beat it by $5! Despite having highly trained techs, with years and years of experience, we found ways to help you save money on your repairs and still secure superior results. Additionally, the materials we use, on all of the devices are OEM spec, and right from the manufacturers.

Do we provide a guaranteed warranty on all of our components and repairs? Of course we do! With accredited professionals who are industry-trained, they’re the only people at our Shorts Corner place, repairing your computer systems, Chromebooks, PCs, MacBooks, laptops, and much more. Their experience gives us a considerable amount of confidence and exactly why we are able to back up our warranties. To take it one step further, as well as to improve that protection, we solely use OEM manufacturer components. When we take care of your Chromebook, we use Google approved, and genuine brand products and tools. The same goes for laptops manufactured by Samsung and Apple! To make things easier for you, we can explore your requirements over the phone at (210) 610-2315. Connect with our Computer Repair Pros Shorts Corner location now on (210) 610-2315 to get the most trusted computer repair products and services near you!

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What our clients say about us

“I was stunned you’re able to carry out all that work on my computer without actually having to carry it in somewhere. I’ve not had the opportunity to fully check it out yet , so we will see what goes on once I begin using it.”

“Very polite and kind to someone who isn’t that great at laptops. I really appreciated that. The service was indeed awesome and the technician Pete has been incredibly professional and informative and patient.Thanks a lot for being there.”

By Local Shorts Corner Residents

Why Our Customers Love Us

Our clients continue to select us for their computer and laptop repairs. Because of our extensive reputation and dedication to resolving issues, offering repairs and maintenance expert services at a white-glove level like adware removal, virus removal, spyware removal, a system freeze on start up, start up programs slowing your personal computer down, frustrating pop ups, and slow operations on Apple computer systems, MacBooks, Windows computers, laptops or PCs.

Fast, Polite, Local Shorts Corner Computer Repair Service. Computer Repair Pros is Shorts Corner’s Most Competent Computer Services and Support Company

We provide a speedy turnaround service together with our years and years of experience and knowledge. It also greatly helps that we keep computer components for Apple computers, to save on down time, making repairing time more effective.

So let your computer stresses run away. Give us a call on (210) 610-2315 and let us take good care of your personal computer or Mac laptop. You can be assured that all of our crew at Computer Repair Pros Shorts Corner, Texas will treat you right. As always, we will make use of our professional know-how to present you with high-quality work in a prompt way.

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