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We are open 24/7/365! Contact us for an emergency after hours support. We are ready 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! We can provide assistance at any time of the day or night, anywhere in Lackland Heights.

Low Price Guarantee

How can you determine that you will be always receiving the right price for your repair services? Because Computer Repair Pros of Lackland Heights, Texas offers a Low Price Guarantee on all local competitors’ standard advertised rates.


All the parts and work that we provide are covered by a guarantee. Should your repaired system is apparently experiencing issues after having a repair, please contact Computer Repair Pros of Lackland Heights immediately for warranty diagnostics.

We're Here for You

You, the client, are an important component of our business at Computer Repair Pros of Lackland Heights, Texas. Rest assured your approval is our company’s primary priority

Premium Computer Repair Services

Blank Laptop Computer ScreenShould you be unhappy as a result of cracked computer screen, call up Computer Repair Pros of Lackland Heights to get an expert laptop repair. We’re going to take good care of your machine like it’s our own as we carefully fix or replace your computer screen.

There’s a vast number of computer types on the market in today’s tech dependent world, and Computer Repair Pros of Lackland Heights is happy to provide Lackland Heights Computer Repair Lackland Heights TX to nearly all types! Whether you favor your Dell laptop, or sport the newest Chromebook, our repair techs possess the skills to assist with all kinds of computer services. With a bit of luck and a great deal of experience, expertise, and skill – we must have your computer or laptop back up again in no time.

Few things are quite as worrying as opening up your computer to find a black, unresponsive computer screen. However, with Computer Repair Pros on your side, you can be sure that all of your problems are going to be resolved right away. Our company’s technicians will go to you at your home to examine, troubleshoot, and diagnose your issue before offering effective professional services. From laptop or computer repair to adware and virus removal, and much more, we provide all the options you need in order to keep your pc or Mac computer running nicely.

Computers are essential for a connected modern lifestyle. Whether you purpose your computer primarily for online gaming, or getting your work accomplished, a broken laptop or computer is difficult. To find a speedy, reliable and affordable repair, call the Computer Repair Pros of Lackland Heights, TX on (210) 610-2315. Our company’s repair professionals have got not just the skills, but also the experience required for quality computer repair services. Have no idea of what is wrong with your laptop or desktop? No problem: compared with all the other repair providers in Lackland Heights, Texas, our diagnostic examinations are constantly fast and correct.

Computer Repair Pros of Lackland Heights and our crew of technicians are the perfect one-stop shop for a laptop repair in Lackland Heights, Texas hands down. Slow performance? We can improve that. Cracked computer screen? Done that. Intercepted and got rid off some adware? We could converse about computer virus removal all day. Our experienced repair techs are going to be pleased to examine and fix virtually any issues your laptop is having, it doesn’t matter if it’s an older MacBook or a brand new Dell. Schedule a date now to get a free diagnostic examination!

Are you having difficulty with a broken pc, panicking and looking for ‘laptop repair near me’ or ‘laptop repair in Lackland Heights?’ Take a minute and breathe… And then contact Computer Repair Pros of Lackland Heights, Texas on (210) 610-2315. Our laptop technicians will definitely ease your mind with a cost-free diagnostic exam and reliable repair service. No matter what type of tech you are using, a MacBook Pro or an Intel hard drive, the experienced techs of Computer Repair Pros of Lackland Heights are available to fix any laptop or computer issues!

Got a virus on your desktop or laptop? Don’t feel terrible. Just call up the experts at Computer Repair Pros of Lackland Heights as early as you suspect you might have a virus. Our competent technicians have effectively cleared even the most tenacious spyware and malware from laptops or computers!

The technicians at Computer Repair Pros of Lackland Heights will not inquire if it was an accident or the end result of a rage quit, but they’ll be equipped to check out the magnitude of liquid damage to your laptop or computer. The experienced and skilled repair techs of Computer Repair Pros of Lackland Heights were properly trained to fix problems as a result of liquid damage in both laptops and PCs.

You may not have actually observed your hard drive before, but you will right after it goes doing odd sounds and keeps your machine from starting. As soon as you suspect your hard drive has failed, contact the experienced repair technicians at Computer Repair Pros of Lackland Heights. Our talented team of professionals can help to fix it, as well as possibly bring back lost data.

If your laptop or computer is sluggish to start up or boot – it is time to contact Computer Repair Pros of Lackland Heights for repairs! Our experienced repair technicians can help to identify what’s got your laptop or computer refusing to cooperate, and have it fixed into form.

Brands We Take Care of

If your laptop or computer manufacturer isn’t listed. Don’t worry! We can repair all brands!

Experiencing spyware and adware on your treasured Acer computer or laptop? Have it expertly handled at Computer Repair Pros of Lackland Heights! Our experienced repair professionals have all the tools required to offer you high quality Acer repair services, which include viruses removal. The team at Computer Repair Pros of Lackland Heights has successfully repaired countless Acer laptops and computers!

As being an authorized company, we commence the task by running Apple’s in house diagnostics software to precisely find out the problem with your device. Once we have finished the repair, we run Apple diagnostics once more to guarantee the issue has been solved.

If your Asus laptop or desktop need a fix, call up the experts at Computer Repair Pros of Lackland Heights! Our repair technicians can fix any troubles your Asus could possibly be experiencing, whether it is mechanical or functionality related. The technicians at Computer Repair Pros work systematically to deliver great outcomes in record time.

Have a Dell laptop or computer suddenly affected by screen burns, or just won’t boot? Contact our polite experts at Computer Repair Pros of Lackland Heights! All of our Dell laptop or computer repair services are carried out by our skilled and seasoned experts, who are authorities when it comes to diagnosing and fixing all types of problems.

Gateway laptops or computers are not popular, but they have got their fair share of common issues, like black screens and booting issues. Whenever you need repairs done for your Gateway computer or laptop, call the professionals at Computer Repair Pros of Lackland Heights! Our helpful repair experts in Lackland Heights will be able to assess and repair your personal computer’s issues without any difficulty.

If your HP computer or laptop is affected by a malfunctioning keyboard or damaged screen, get it restored at Computer Repair Pros of Lackland Heights! Our experienced specialists invest their time to repairing broken HP computer systems to their former glory. With premium quality replacement parts and efficient repair techniques, Computer Repair Pros of Lackland Heights is the place to be for in depth HP computer services!

Does your Lenovo display appear as if it’s run over? Have the industry professionals at Computer Repair Pros of Lackland Heights get it back to life! Our skillful techs are properly trained to replace Lenovo screens and power packs quickly and easily. The truth is, our repair technicians are equipped to handle all types of Lenovo issues, varying all the way from boot loops to black screens. Regardless of the concern, allow the polite repair technicians of Computer Repair Pros of Lackland Heights get rid of it!

Are you currently dealing with dead pixels or connectivity issues on your Samsung computer? Have the professionals at Computer Repair Pros of Lackland Heights deal with it. Our Samsung computer professionals are skilled and highly reliable, so you can trust them to fix all sorts of Samsung PC problems in a snap.

If your Sony Vaio computer comes with a screen that’s damaged, or simply just won’t switch on, call the specialists at Computer Repair Pros of Lackland Heights for repairs! Our professional repair specialists have worked with hundreds of Sony Vaio computer systems, and efficiently solved issues such as damaged screens, boot loops, and adware and spyware. It doesn’t matter what is afflicting your Sony Vaio, the technicians at Computer Repair Pros of Lackland Heights have the solution!

Sick of seeing your Toshiba’s damaged display screen? Come get it replaced by the specialists at Computer Repair Pros of Lackland Heights! Our skilled repair technicians can fix even the most challenging computer or laptop issues effortlessly. If your Toshiba needs a brand new battery pack or screen, ask for our 24 hour repair services!

Diagnostic Testing

Not really confident what is wrong with your machine, only know it is not working like before?

Our Lackland Heights experts can find out what is wrong with your computer system to be able to provide you with an accurate estimate of the work needed to repair it.

Why Choose Computer Repair Pros?

Top Local Computer Repair Company in Lackland Heights, TX

Our Computer Repair Pros of Lackland Heights team is comprised of highly trained and qualified specialists. Their expertise enables them to uncover and take care of all computer related issues easily. With Computer Repair Pros of Lackland Heights being identified by Samsung and Google as an official partner, that displays the degree of assistance you should expect from our crew. Our company is here for you, the client, and are likewise here to reduce your stress and anxiety from a broken personal computer. Our Lackland Heights, TX employees are always delighted to welcome you. They look ahead to aiding you to find the right option that is going to deal with your laptop or computer problems.

Blank Laptop Computer ScreenBeing a computer user, you may deal with a sluggish laptop or computer. You possibly also have very limited time to locate a Lackland Heights computer company, pack your gear, and drop by and see their store. The good news is, Computer Repair Pros of Lackland Heights solves these issues and many more! We are available and happy to provide computer or laptop assistance that arrives to your house to help keep your machines operational.

Whenever a computer virus invades your machine or it suddenly stops running, the stress of even a calm day could be frustrating. Valuable files, organization projects, and personal information can all be stolen or lost within a few minutes. Computer Repair Pros of Lackland Heights, Texas understands that the way this situation is managed can mean complete recovery or full loss. Here in Lackland Heights, Computer Repair Pros is very pleased to promote our computer services and virus removal services to customers who are going through computer issues. Our experienced technicians in Lackland Heights feature fast repairs to our customers since we know that your schedule is as occupied as ours. We use only quality verified replacement parts, and our company offers the industry’s best warranty on all of our services. You can call (210) 610-2315 ahead and arrange an appointment and we’re available to give the most extensive and efficient PC and Mac repair and computer virus removal.

Don’t fret on how you’re going to solve a computer issue you could have in Lackland Heights. Regardless whether it’s your personal computer or laptop, just ring us and we’ll repair it for you. Get informed with our latest promotions and service offers on our company’s Facebook page. We are also posting high quality articles that are guaranteed to help you recognize some of the technical stuff so much better.

At Computer Repair Pros of Lackland Heights, we are happy to provide a thorough list of services that address a wide range of tech needs. From deploying cyber security methods to setting up brand-new operating systems, our company’s experienced staff is available to help you enhance your personal computing system.

MacBooks are costly, so when they get liquid damaged, it can be dreadful. However, at Computer Repair Pros in Lackland Heights, we fix liquid damaged MacBooks and provide the least expensive cost on your repair. If, however, you discover another local business boasting they have got the best price, provide that estimate to us. We are going to match their cost and beat it by $5! Despite having highly trained technicians, with years and years of experience, we found how to help you save money on your repairs and still get high-quality work. Additionally, the components we use, on all the machines are OEM spec, and straight from the makers.

Do we supply a guaranteed warranty on all of our components and repairs? Definitely we do! With accredited technicians who are industry-trained, they’re the only people at our Lackland Heights place, restoring your MacBooks, computers, Chromebooks, laptops, PCs, and much more. Their experience gets us a considerable amount of confidence and the reason why we can back up our warranties. Taking it to the next level, and to improve that protection, we only use OEM manufacturer components. If we fix your Chromebook, we make use of Google accredited, and authentic brand components and equipment. The same is applicable to laptop computers manufactured by Samsung and Apple! To make it simpler for you, we can go over your needs over the phone at (210) 610-2315. Call up our Computer Repair Pros Lackland Heights location now on (210) 610-2315 to find the best computer repair services in your area!

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“The first service I talked to could only offer to pickup my desktop computer in 2 days to check it. As Soon As I called Computer Repair Pros, an effective resolution was started instantly with no need of my computer system leaving my house. That is the kind of service that’s highly recommended and results in recommendations.”

“I just think it’s amazing that you can diagnose and fix computer issues by remotely controlling my computer system and implementing the required fixes.”

By Local Lackland Heights Residents

Why Our Clients Love Us

Our customers continue to choose us for laptop and computer repairs. Caused by our extensive reputation and persistence to resolving problems, offering repairs and maintenance solutions at a white-glove level such as adware removal, virus removal, spyware removal, a system lock on boot, start up applications slowing your computer down, pesky pop ups, and sluggish operations on Apple computers, MacBooks, Windows computer systems, laptops or PCs.

Quick, Helpful, Local Lackland Heights Computer Repair Service. Computer Repair Pros is Lackland Heights’s Most Experienced Computer Repairs and Support Company

We provide a quick turnaround service together with our company’s many years of experience and expertise. It also greatly helps that we stock computer replacement parts for Apple computers, saving on outages, creating repairing time more effective.

So just let your computer or laptop issues fly away. Contact us on (210) 610-2315 and let’s take care of your computer or Apple MacBook. You can be assured that our company’s crew at Computer Repair Pros Lackland Heights, Texas will treat you right. As usual, we’re going to make use of our professional expertise to provide you with top quality work in a prompt manner.

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