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We are open 24/7/365! Contact us for an emergency after hours support. We’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! We are able to help you any moment of the day or night, any place in Boldtville.

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How do you know that you are always getting the best rate for your repair services? Simply because Computer Repair Pros of Boldtville, Texas offers a Low Price Guarantee on all local competitors’ standard promoted rates.


All parts and work that we supply are covered by a warranty. In the event your serviced device is apparently having problems following a repair, please call Computer Repair Pros of Boldtville immediately for warranty diagnostics.

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You, the client, are the most crucial aspect of our business at Computer Repair Pros of Boldtville, Texas. Rest assured your approval is our company’s most important concern

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Blank Laptop Computer ScreenShould you be sad as a result of broken screen, speak to Computer Repair Pros of Boldtville for an expert laptop repair. We’ll treat your laptop or computer like it is our own as we gently repair or replace your screen.

There is a huge variety of computer brands out there in today’s tech based society, and Computer Repair Pros of Boldtville is very pleased to present Boldtville computer repair to pretty much all kinds! Whether you prefer your Dell laptop computer, or have the popular Chromebook, our repair technicians possess the skills to assist with all kinds of computer services. With a bit of luck and a lot of expertise, experience, and skill – we must have your computer back running again before you know it.

Few things are as alarming as starting up your personal computer to see a black, unresponsive display screen. Then again, with Computer Repair Pros working for you, you can rest assured that all of your challenges are going to be fixed immediately. Our technicians will head to you at your house to investigate, troubleshoot, and identify your issue before providing effective solutions. From laptop or computer repair to adware and virus removal, and much more, we provide all of the alternatives you will need in order to keep your desktop computer or Macintosh operating smoothly.

Computers are important for a connected modern lifestyle. Whether you have your PC mostly for online gaming, or getting your work completed, a malfunctioning computer is difficult. To find a speedy, dependable and economical repair, call the Computer Repair Pros of Boldtville, TX on (210) 610-2315. Our repair professionals possess not just the capabilities, but also the experience necessary for top quality computer repair services. Need to know what’s wrong with your laptop or computer? Not a problem: compared to all the other repair providers in Boldtville, Texas, our diagnostic check-ups are constantly rapid and correct.

Computer Repair Pros of Boldtville and our staff of technicians are one of the best one-stop shop for a laptop repair in Boldtville, Texas hands down. Slow overall performance? We can easily treat that. Cracked screen? Done that. Detected and eliminated numerous spyware? We can talk about computer virus removal all day long. Our experienced repair techs are going to be pleased to identify and fix virtually any problems your laptop is experiencing, whether it is an older MacBook or a new Dell. Set up an appointment today for a cost-free diagnostic examination!

Are you stuck with a broken computer or laptop, panicking and Googling ‘laptop repair near me’ or ‘laptop repair in Boldtville?’ You need to take a minute and breathe… And then get in touch with Computer Repair Pros of Boldtville, Texas on (210) 610-2315. Our laptop technicians will soothe your thoughts with a free diagnostic examination and reliable repair service. No matter what model of tech you may be using, a MacBook Pro or an Intel hard disk, the experienced professionals of Computer Repair Pros of Boldtville are available to fix your laptop or PC problems!

Downloaded a virus on your desktop or laptop? Do not feel negative. Simply speak to the professionals at Computer Repair Pros of Boldtville the instant you believe you may have a computer virus. Our knowledgeable technicians have effectively taken out even the most tenacious spyware and viruses from computer systems!

The specialists at Computer Repair Pros of Boldtville are not going to inquire if it was an innocent spill or the result of a rage quit, but they will be able to assess the extent of liquid damage to your laptop or computer. The experienced and qualified repair techs of Computer Repair Pros of Boldtville were trained to repair problems as a result of water damage in both laptops and personal computers.

You may not have really noticed your hard disk before, but you will once it goes producing weird sounds and stops your laptop or computer from starting. Once you believe your hard disk has broken down, get in touch with the experienced repair technicians at Computer Repair Pros of Boldtville. Our skilled team of professionals can help to restore it, and potentially recover lost data.

In case your laptop or computer is slow to start or boot – then it’s time to get in touch with Computer Repair Pros of Boldtville for repairs! Our skilled repair technicians can help to find out what has got your computer or laptop refusing to cooperate, and get it back into shape.

Brands We Work on

In case your laptop or computer manufacturer is not on the list. Don’t worry! We can service all brands!

Having to deal with spyware and adware on your beloved Acer computer or laptop? Have it expertly handled at Computer Repair Pros of Boldtville! Our highly skilled repair techs have the specific tools necessary to offer you high quality Acer repair solutions, including viruses removal. The team at Computer Repair Pros of Boldtville has expertly fixed thousands of Acer computer systems!

As being an certified service provider, we start off the process by using Apple’s in-house diagnostics tool to precisely know the issues with your system. After we have finished the repair, we run Apple diagnostics once again to ensure the problem has been permanently fixed.

In case your Asus laptop or computer need to have a fix, speak to the professionals at Computer Repair Pros of Boldtville! Our repair technicians can work on any troubles your Asus could possibly be having, be it hardware or functionality related. The specialists at Computer Repair Pros work productively to deliver excellent results in record time.

Have a Dell laptop unexpectedly suffering from screen burns, or won’t start? Call our polite professionals at Computer Repair Pros of Boldtville! All of our Dell laptop or computer repair solutions are carried out by our skilled and seasoned experts, who are experts when it comes to identifying and fixing all kinds of problems.

Gateway computers may not be popular, but they have their fair share of typical problems, such as black display screens and booting problems. Whenever you need repair services for your Gateway computer system, call the professionals at Computer Repair Pros of Boldtville! Our friendly repair techs in Boldtville are able to examine and mend your personal computer’s problems easily.

In case your Hewlett Packard computer or laptop is experiencing a damaged computer keys or cracked display, have it repaired at Computer Repair Pros of Boldtville! Our professional technicians commit their time to fixing malfunctioning Hewlett Packard computer systems to their former glory. With high quality replacement parts and reliable repair methods, Computer Repair Pros of Boldtville is the best place to be for in-depth Hewlett Packard computer services!

Does your Lenovo display screen look like it was stepped on? Have the professionals at Computer Repair Pros of Boldtville get it back to life! Our experienced professionals are trained to restore Lenovo screens and power packs quickly and effortlessly. The truth is, our repair specialists are equipped to handle all kinds of Lenovo problems, varying all the way from boot loops to black screens. Regardless of the problem, let the helpful repair specialists of Computer Repair Pros of Boldtville address it!

Are you presently dealing with dead pixels or connectivity issues with your Samsung computer system? Have the professionals at Computer Repair Pros of Boldtville look after it. Our Samsung computer professionals are both highly trained and extremely efficient, so you can believe in them to fix all sorts of Samsung PC problems in a snap.

In case your Sony Vaio computer system comes with a display which is cracked, or just will not turn on, call the specialists at Computer Repair Pros of Boldtville for repair services! Our experienced repair technicians have worked with thousands of Sony Vaio computer systems, and efficiently permanently fixed problems like broken screens, boot loops, and adware and spyware. Whatever is afflicting your Sony Vaio, the specialists at Computer Repair Pros of Boldtville possess the remedy!

Tired with seeing your Toshiba’s broken screen? Come have it replaced instead by the specialists at Computer Repair Pros of Boldtville! Our skilled repair technicians are able to work on even the most complex computer or laptop problems effortlessly. In case your Toshiba requires a new battery or display, ask for our 24 hour repair services!

Diagnostic Tests

Not really certain what's wrong with your laptop or computer, just know it isn't operating like it used to?

Our Boldtville specialists can know what is wrong with your computer so as to give you an accurate estimate of the job required to fix it.

Why Choose Computer Repair Pros?

Best Local Computer Repair Business in Boldtville, TX

Our Computer Repair Pros of Boldtville team consists of well trained and knowledgeable technicians. Their experience enables them to locate and deal with all computer related problems easily. With Computer Repair Pros of Boldtville being approved by Google and Samsung as an authorized partner, that proves the quality of assistance you should expect from our team. Our company is here for you, the user, and are also here to get rid of your stress coming from a broken computer or laptop. Our Boldtville, TX employees are always excited to welcome you. They anticipate helping you choose the best solution that will solve your laptop or computer problems.

Blank Laptop Computer ScreenAs a laptop or computer user, you may have a problem with a slow laptop or computer. You possibly also have limited time to choose a Boldtville computer company, pack your machines, and drop by their store. The good news is, Computer Repair Pros of Boldtville eliminates these issues and a lot more! We’re available and happy to provide computer or laptop support that arrives to your property to make your devices working.

When a malware invades your laptop or computer or it abruptly stops operating, the stress of even a quiet day can be frustrating. Valuable data files, business projects, and personal information can all be stolen or lost in just minutes. Computer Repair Pros of Boldtville, Texas recognizes that the way this situation is treated could mean total recovery or total loss. Here in Boldtville, Computer Repair Pros is proud to provide our computer services and virus removal solutions to clients that are going through computer problems. Our professional technicians in Boldtville provide fast repairs to our customers as we are aware that your schedule is as demanding as ours. We choose only quality proven replacement products, and we offer the market’s leading warranty on all of our services. You can call (210) 610-2315 ahead of time and book an appointment and we are available to deliver the most detailed and dependable PC and Mac repair and malware removal.

Don’t get worried regarding how you will solve a computer issue you could have in Boldtville. Whatever the case whether it is your desktop or laptop, just ring us and we will fix it for you. Get updated with our newest promos and service discounts on our company’s Facebook page. We’re also writing professional articles that are sure to help you understand a few of the technical things so much easier.

At Computer Repair Pros of Boldtville, we’re very pleased to offer a comprehensive menu of solutions that take care of an array of tech needs. From implementing online protection systems to installing new computer operating systems, our company’s experienced team is available to help you improve your personal computing system.

MacBooks are expensive, and when they get water damaged, it will be devastating. Then again, at Computer Repair Pros in Boldtville, we work on water damaged MacBooks and promise the least expensive fee on your repair. If, however, you see yet another local business saying they have the best rate, give that offer to us. We will match their fee and beat it by $5! Despite having professionally trained technicians, with years and years of experience, we found out the best way to help you save money on your repair services and still have high-quality work. In addition, the products we work with, on all machines are OEM spec, and straight from the manufacturers.

Do we offer a guaranteed warranty on our materials and repair services? Absolutely we do! With accredited professionals who are industry-trained, they’re the only people at our Boldtville location, restoring your MacBooks, Chromebooks, desktops, laptops, PCs, and much more. Their experience provides us a whole lot of confidence and exactly why we can support our warranties. To take it one step further, as well as to enhance that protection, we exclusively use OEM branded materials. If we work on your Chromebook, we make use of Google authorized, and original brand components and devices. The same applies to laptop computers created by Apple and Samsung! To make it simpler for you, we can talk about your needs on the phone at (210) 610-2315. Speak to our Computer Repair Pros Boldtville office now on (210) 610-2315 to get the most trusted computer repair services in your area!

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“Actually I do not know very much about computer systems so if something went bad I simply looked up computer repair in yellow pages and I’m satisfied that I contacted you because you completed everything without me sending the laptop computer or visiting a repair shop. It was a wonderful experience and I appreciate it a lot of.”

“Your specialists did A TERRIFIC job assisting me and get my home computer repaired. It has never ever run so quickly or efficiently.”

By Local Boldtville Residents

Why Our Clients Love Us

Our customers still choose us for their laptop and computer repair services. Because of our substantial track record and dedication to solving problems, offering repair services and maintenance services at a white-glove level including adware removal, virus removal, spyware removal, a system freeze on boot, start up programs slowing your computer down, bothersome advertisements popping, and slow operations on Apple desktops, MacBooks, Windows computer systems, laptops or PCs.

Quick, Helpful, Local Boldtville Computer Repair Service. Computer Repair Pros is Boldtville’s Most Professional Computer Repair Services and Support Company

We offer a fast turnaround service along with our company’s years of experience and expertise. It also greatly helps that we carry computer parts for Macs, saving on outages, making repairing time more efficient.

So just let your computer or laptop issues fly away. Give us a call on (210) 610-2315 and let’s take good care of your personal computer or Apple MacBook. There is no doubt that all of our crew at Computer Repair Pros Boldtville, Texas will treat you right. As always, we will make use of our professional knowledge to provide top quality work in a prompt manner.

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